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Simply pick the plan that works best for you. We'll team you up with our in-house bookkeepers/accountants and get to work.
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Securely upload your General Ledger, Canceled Checks and Lender Account documents and information.
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Here is more of what you get
with Replacement Reserves Reporting, Inc.

Live or Manual Process
We offer our clients the option to go “Live” where we have access to their cloud based general ledgers, lenders’ “reserve” data and corporate bank accounts. Thus, we completely streamlined the process or we will work with clients to have them upload their respective information to their account, which ever the easiest for the client.
Quantity Discounts
We offer quantity discounts for clients with 10 or more properties. For property management firms with large portfolios this would be a large cash savings.
Turn Around Speed
You determine how fast you want your reports completed and you can change the turn time any time.
Limited or No Client Involvement
We can do everything from start to finish, including forwarding the completed replacement reserve report to the lender or we can stop any point to allow the client complete the balance of the work. You tell us.
We protect your data behind our 256-bit encrypted secure storage. We take extraordinary measures to help ensure your data security is impenetrable.
Detailed transactions
With each report, clients may request the detail as to how the final replacement reserve report was derived. There are no secrets.