Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have questions and we are here to provide you with some much-needed answers. See answers to our most frequently asked questions below: May I change plans at any time?May I change plans at any time?

1) May I change plans at any time?

Yes! Our plans do not require you to sign a contract so you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

2) What if I have multiple properties?

The size of your property portfolio is definitely not a challenge for our team. We can even customize your plans based on what is needed right now. Click here to schedule a meeting with our support team.

3) Do properties have to be located in the US?

No… As long as you are able to supply the required information, we are able to service your offshore properties. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss.

4) Do you offer quantity discounts?

Of course! Our team is standing by right now and are more than happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

5) Can you accommodate portfolios with monthly, quarterly, and annual submissions?

Yes. We will complete the reports based your specific reporting requirements and bill accordingly.

6) How is your billing done?

Plans are billed according to the submission timeline required; monthly, quarterly, or annually.

7) How late can I purchase a plan?

You can purchase a plan whenever you want. Our recommendation is that you purchase plans to meet the start of your submission requirements so that you report can be reviewed and approved as soon as possible.

8) What happens if my report is completed after the designated turnaround time?

We try our best to complete all reports within the timeline selected. However, in the event that your report is late, a credit will automatically be issued towards your next billing based on when the current report has been completed. You will also be notified when this occurs.

9) How do you collect my accounting information?

Our preference is to have limited after-hours access to your accounting system to download your detailed repairs and replacements general ledger activity.With this method, you would NOT have to purchase a new software license for us to have access to your cloud-based accounting system.Alternatively, you could also upload a detailed general ledger of your repairs and replacements activities as an Excel file in your account.

10) How do you obtain reserve balances?

Ideally, we would also like to have limited access to your lender account in order to obtain the reserve balance.The reserve balance may also be provided by yourself or your team as a screenshot of your account from your lender’s website and uploaded to your account. With the screenshot, we are able to confirm the correct reserve balance.

11) How do you obtain canceled checks?

All information needed would be acquired through limited access to your commercial bank account after hours to avoid disturbing the daily operations of your accounting department.Your internal representative may upload copies of canceled checks in pdf format on your account.

12) Is it possible to prepare the quarterly report before the end of the current quarter?

We sure can. In cases where outlays for replacements far exceed anticipated reserves, your report may be prepared and completed before the end of the current quarter. On the 1st day of the next quarter, all you need to do is submit.

13) Which plan do you recommend for distressed properties?

For these kinds of properties, we would recommend the Gold Plan. This allows funds to be reimbursed as soon as possible. Distressed properties usually have severe cash flow issues. Once the report is completed, you would be able to submit for review on the first day of the next quarter.

14) How safe is my information?

Our servers encrypt any data that is supplied to us so that you can be sure that your information is safe and secure.

15) Do you provide these services for HUD properties?

Of course! HUD properties are among our specialty and are processed just as readily as reports from other lenders.