How It Works

We know that you need more insight into how this process all work, and we have broken it down for you into 8 easy steps! We even added a video so that you can visualize how easy your reports are completed.

STEP 1: Select the best plan for you, depending on the turnaround time that you need.

STEP 2: Complete your account setup.

STEP 3: Upload a copy of the lender’s compliance parameters so we can obtain the following:

a. Frequency of reporting

b. Minimum disbursement amount

c. Monthly deposit amount

d. List of eligible replacements

e. Lender’s “Request to Release Replacement Reserve Escrow Reimbursement” schedule

f.Company’s “Request for Release of Reserve Funds” form letter with client’s contact information.

STEP 4: Provide us with limited access to your general ledger to download your detailed repair and replacement (expenses) general ledger activity. You can also upload this information as an Excel file to your account.

STEP 5: We start working our magic by processing your repair and replacement expenses activity by using technology to determine acceptable and unacceptable replacements.

STEP 6: We compile all your information, including applicable canceled checks.

STEP 7: We quality control each package according to your lender’s specific format.

STEP 8: We submit the report in PDF format to you for final review and submission.